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Villa Saint Exupery

22 Avenue Gravier, 06100 Nice, France
| +33 6 27 81 04 82

Where the Artists Sleep in Nice

If you're used to non-luxurious hostels, Villa Saint Exupery's rooms at the Garden Hostel (there's also a Beach) don't need to be described. Both their dorms and their private rooms are like a standard setup from uni or college (depending on your home country). Oak furniture and bare linens that just get the job done will be your home at night.

However, it's the other details of Villa Saint Exupery that really recommend it as a home-away-from home for weary travelers. The walls in every part of this converted church are filled with art from Chagall to Monet to Turkish artists who have never made a name for themselves on the international stage. Even the main dining area and common rooms is punctuated by a beautiful wall-covering panel of colorful stained glass.

The real draw, even above the art and quirky characters that inhabit the hostel though is the kitchen. Every meal lives up to the hype of French food and more than once I wanted to pinch myself in disbelief that I was eating at a "mere hostel". Menu changes nightly and drink specials are in effect from 6 to 7 PM. Get your order in early, the nightly special can run out early. If it does, the homemade pizzas are a more than fair substitute. (Yes, really.)