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Villa Paula

44 Rue Ma Campagne, 59200 Tourcoing, France
| +33 6 12 95 97 97

So luxurious and welcoming!

To find a place to stay around the funny city of Lille is not so easy, specially if you want to be away from down town to relax...
Friends of friends told me about this so different place because they heard a french singer used it for a video... Strange way to choose a place to stay, I agree.
BUT.... What a meeting with a place, with a woman, Julie, the owner who made this place like a private house where you can use a room or a suite (I tried both). You can feel like a few years ago but with contemporary art pieces just incredible... You can enjoy good food from breakfast to dinner... And for sure you might enjoy the garden just a few minutes away from Lille with tramway...
Why spend time in other place???