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Vila Verde Village Fountain, Rua Fontenario,

Rua Fontenário
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The Fountain in Vila Verde de Raia, Portugal Vile Verde da Raia  Portugal

The Fountain in Vila Verde de Raia, Portugal

I remember seeing the village fountain in Vila Verde. It was a graceful column with the year imprinted in its stone. Today, it is still in working order.

It was constructed in 1894 and when the water first flowed, there was ( I am told) a big celebration. The fountain became the social center of Vila Verde and young suitors would court their lovely ladies at the spot.

Until 1894, the villagers had to go down to the near-by river and carry the water to their homes. This was, at the time, a modern convenience.

Today the fountain remains as part of the little town's history and residents can ( and still do) get water there. The last time I was at the fountain, a district gentleman stopped his truck there to fill a jug before he went out to work his fields.

Naturally, there is water service in the houses of Vila Verde. They now have all of the modern technology that we have.

The fountain is located on a little road that used to lead out of town. The area is south west of the village where houses have been built in the fields and farms that used to surround Vila Verde.

The town is vibrant and alive, unlike many little towns and villages in the countryside. Most residents farm their lands and raise lambs, cows, and goats for family, and to sell.

If you get a chance to go to Chaves in Tras-os- Montes (Behind the Mountains) way up north near the Spanish border, stop at Vila Verde de Raia. You'll see the fountain, a chapel, church, and post office. Take trip back in time.