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1480 W 11th Ave

Vij's Rangoli, One and the Same

We were told we had to try Vij's while in Vancouver, but apparently so was everybody else. We weren't able to withstand the two and a half hour wait, but it turns out Vij also runs Rangoli, the connected restaurant with significantly less wait times but the same chefs, kitchen, and overall cuisine.

The menu is obviously Indian inspired but it's a different twist on the typical dishes you're probably used to. I never thought I'd be eating pulled pork at an Indian restaurant. That with the tamarind whiskey sour and chocolate hazelnut squares with garam masala, we definitely left impressed and full.

Rangoli even has a small market inside where they sell their own fresh and frozen take-out options, spices and desserts. Apparently they're also in markets and grocery stores all over Vancouver.

Vij's is first come, first serve, and Rangoli accepts take out orders online.