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Via Dante Alighieri

Lungomare Dante Alighieri, Provincia di Trapani, Italy

Ocean Walk at Sunset in Old Town Trapani

Trapani is not a town many non-Italians/Sicilians have heard of. It is a commune on the western edge of Sicily that overlooks the Mediterranean and is far removed from most American tourist's ideas of Italy. For us, it is synonymous with family, as our last surviving Italian relatives live here, and when I took this photo, we were out walking with them, frantically trying to decipher their Italian (they spoke absolutely no English) while at the same time taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells. Trapani is very typically Sicilian, and the cautionary tales of mafia still residing here should be removed from any visitor's list of worries: the mafia has no interest in you. While the city can spot an "outsider" immediately, and awkward stares sometimes occur, a smile and a nod are all it takes to melt away any trepidation. Have a glass of wine, walk along the ocean for your passiegata, and for goodness sakes: do NOT forget to visit the pasticcerias....canolis are Sicilian, but you won't believe the other sweet delights that can be gotten in these delightful shops.