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Venice in Photos

Backpacker Blues in Venice
We spent the day walking around Venice and getting lost in its wonderful maze of streets. The end of the day found us facing this large church as the cat-in-the-cradle moon hung low in the sky. Randy went onto the bridge for a better view and behind him a street light glowed, just hiding behind his body and his backpack. I snapped a few quick photos because I couldn’t believe my good luck in having such a perfect silhouette with this stunning Venetian sky as the backdrop.

Spaghetti alla Scoglio

This meal was delicious - the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and the seafood was fantastic. Best part of the meal though, was when our waiter brought us small shot glasses of bootlegged homemade limoncello to finish off our meal!

View in Venice

Words would be superfluous...

Petit Desserts in Venice

Who said only the French can make pastries?

Alone in Venice
At the end of our European trip, my seven year old son, my mother-in-law, and I spent the last of our days in Venice. We decided to do the most “touristy” of things and rode in a gondola. In the beginning all I wanted to do was hide my face for participating in this oh so typical ritual. After a few moments though, I was lulled by the comfort of the cushions, the hushed swish of the oar, and the beautiful decay that glided past. That was until, the skies opened above and large pellets of rain soon soaked us, thunder boomed, and lightning sizzled as we sat in a boat in a canal…full of water. After hiding under a series of bridges we finally got back to our starting point. Stepping off the boat, I soon discovered that the place had miraculously emptied. Everyone had scattered and disappeared inside dark doorways. After dropping my companions off at our hotel, I continued on, to enthralled by the solitude to let the rain bother me. I spent the rest of the day sloshing through puddles and soaking in the quiet history of the city’s alleyways and saturated colors. I was supremely content to lean on a centuries old crumbling wall, watch the green water edge by in a small canal off the beaten path, soaking wet, alone, in a quiet and deserted Venice.

Carnevale in Venice
Elaborate costumes throughout the busy city; sleeping in a trailer with no heat and only the night's liquor to warm us (February 2004)

An Evening at the Rialto
The greatest day I spent in Italy was my last. Why is it that you can only truly appreciate a place and its potential as you're leaving it?

After missing my flight home (the perils of stand-by), I was facing an unexpected day trapped in Venice. This would have been fabulous if I’d had more than 7 euros to my name and the entire city’s hotels weren’t booked up due to a local holiday.

I was carrying 200lbs of luggage in the pouring molten gold that is Venice’s May sunlight, going from door to door, asking for any room to at least store my luggage. Finally, I broke down and cried after being turned away for the 20th time.

Stranded and poverty-stricken, the hotel manager took pity on me and led me to a janitor’s closet in the corner. It was fitted with a cot and a sink and had a lock on the door. A home for the night.

All my money spent, I sat on the steps of the Rialto Bridge that evening watching the lights reflecting in the water and the gondolas gliding by.

An Italian family joined me and we chatted all night. They had two children, ages 8 and 10, who practiced their English on me. I practiced my Italian with them. They shared their pizza with me, and I shared my last water bottle full of Pinto Nero with them.

I went to bed that night in the janitor’s closet, happier and more in tune with the true Italian nature than I’d been in my entire three months of study.

Preparing for dinner
Before everyone went looking for their dinner in Venice, the waiter was making sure the tables were properly set.

Venetian Orange
When planning a trip to Italy in May, I knew that one of the cities I definitely wanted to see was beautiful Venice. As magical as I expected the city to be, when I actually got there and saw it in person it was even more spectacular than I imagined. I was particularly struck by Venice's unexpected jolts of bold color, like this bright orange house perfectly framing two cheerful flower boxes. The Venetians obviously take great pride in their one-of-a-kind city. I think the best way to see Venice is to throw away your map and just wander without a plan - you won't know what unexpected burst of color you'll find around the next corner.

Ambling Around Venice
Venice is a wonderful city to get lost in and walk down the most random alleys only to stumble upon a great cafe or an art store or handmade jewelry made of murano glass. Of course sustenance is needed to keep one walking and a buonissimo whole roasted branzino was just the right lunch.

Il Ristorante
One of the cities I knew I had to see when my husband and I were planning our May trip to Italy was enchanting Venice. I expected to be impressed by Venice's charming gondolas and winding canals, which I was for sure, but what I didn't expect were the bursts of brilliant color I found throughout the city, like the bold red of this restaurant. When in Venice, I think the best thing you can do is throw away whatever map you might have and just go where your whimsy takes you - you never know what you'll find when you turn the next corner. Magical Venice is not to be missed on any trip to Italy!

Lanterns Across the Piazza
Venice was one of the cities I definitely wanted to see during a May trip to Italy with my husband. I was excited to see the things people typically associate with Venice: the Grand Canal, gondolas, St. Mark's Square. What I didn't anticipate, though, was that the small details I found in Venice, like these beautiful lanterns strung across a piazza, was the thing that would most enchant me.

As soon as we arrived in Venice, we quickly realized that the best thing to do was throw away our map and just wander, and that's exactly what we did. We loved that as we wound through the city's labyrinthian streets we never knew what we'd find around the next corner. We spent an entire day exploring every nook and cranny of Venice, and I was blown away by how much beauty the city's most mundane objects had. Magical Venice is a must-see on any trip to Italy!

Gold and Blue
When planning a May trip to Italy with my husband, I knew that Venice was a city I definitely wanted to visit. I was looking forward to seeing some of the things I most associated with Venice, like the Grand Canal, gondolas, and St. Mark's Basilica. While those things were obviously impressive, one of the best surprises about Venice for me was the bold colors I found sprinkled throughout the city, my favorite being the bright yellow and blue of this rustic house - it couldn't have been more cheerful or inviting! You never know what you're going to find around the next corner in Venice, which adds so much to the city's immense charm. If you're planning a trip to Italy, Venice is a must-see.

"Who's out there?"
My husband and I were lucky enough to visit beautiful Venice in May as I had put it on my must-see list when we were planning our trip. I was looking forward to getting to see first-hand the touristy things I associated with Venice: the Grand Canal, gondolas, St. Mark's Square. Soon after we arrived, though, my husband and I ditched our map and pre-planned agenda and just wandered the winding streets, which I think is the best way to see this amazing city. We never knew what we'd find around the next corner.

At one point I noticed this woman taking in the view from her upstairs apartment. I had to wonder how long she had lived in this beautiful city and all the things she had seen from this window during her lifetime. My husband and I spent an entire day exploring every last corner of labyrinthian Venice, and I was in awe of just how much beauty the city's most mundane objects had. Venice is a must-see on any trip to Italy!

Venetian Boats
One of my favorite things about beautiful Venice is the array of bright colors you find throughout the city. Everything from the dark greens of the canals to the Tuscan yellows and oranges of the houses to the bold reds and blues of the boats like these adds to the city's cheerfulness and charm. When in Venice, it's best just to throw away your map, disregard your pre-planned agenda, and wander wherever your feet might take you.

"Do you like your lunch?"
Venice is a city with something for everyone, young and old alike. As soon as we arrived, my husband and I threw away our map and disregarded our pre-planned agenda in favor of wandering wherever our feet decided to take us. At one point we grabbed a gelato and took a seat in one of the piazzas to people watch. We were so amused by this little girl, who thoroughly enjoyed sharing her bread with her new pigeon friends. She didn't necessarily like it when they flew, and she would run away screaming like only a 4-year-old girl can. But she bravely kept returning to watch the birds devour the lunch she brought for them. Magical Venice is a must-see city on any trip to Italy, whether you're an older retired couple or a little girl with a bag full of bread.

Venitian Flowerboxes
I only had 2 days in Venice, but I still managed to take hundreds of photos of the expressive city. A majority of my pictures were snapped of the ubiquitous canals and bridges, but I also wanted to capture the surprising little details that I felt completed the whimsicality of the unique region.

Venice, Italy
I was absolutely in love with this city. When I was walking around, it looked like I was on a movie set.

Snow in Venice?
I have traveled to Venice many times and this was the first time that I was able to experience Venice with a touch of snow covering this beautiful city. The streets were nearly empty and we felt as if we were the only ones in the city.

Gondola, Gondola, Gondola
Cheesy? Yes? Romantic? Not so much. Enchanting? For sure. There is just something about seeing a gondola in Venice for the first time.

Carnevale in Venizia
Especially this time of year, Venice comes alive with all the costumed people celebrating Mardi Gras. Unlike Rio or New Orleans, the Venice celebrations are perhaps a bit more sophisticated.

Masks, of course, could be seen and bought any time of the year in the many shops.

Lost in the Crowd and Loving It!
Members of our tour group attended a workshop where we each made our own masks for the Carnevale celebrations that were taking place throughout Venice, Italy. Somehow I got separated from my tour group. I encountered this friendly group of revelers who were on their way to a masquerade ball. They complimented me on my mask making abilities and invited me to join them at the masquerade ball. A great time was had by all!!

Lost and Found - Part Two
No map. No GPS. No breadcrumbs. No ball of yarn. I just kept going for hours, turning and weaving and continually coming upon mini stone hallways just like this. If I thought I shouldn't go down one, I immediately headed toward it. And once I came out the other side, getting more and more disoriented, the happier I became. You can do this in Venice for hours on end, possibly days I've been told, and never see the same place twice. So I just kept going . . .

Lost and Found - Part Three
I was gone for quite some time I was told. I wouldn't know because it never occurred to me to glance at my watch. I mean, I had no idea where I was at all, but every single passage like the one above would fuel the fire of my curiosity. At one point, I was crossing a small courtyard and I just stopped. It was cold, it was raining, I was wet, and the temperature was still cool enough to see your breath. I may have been lost, but it simply didn't matter, because I was warmed by the thought that I had finally found my adventure.

Festive Alleyways
Venice always felt very festive to me, probably because of the strings of lights strung across alleyways and the brightly coloured buildings, creating an atmosphere unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

Mirror Mirror
I notice when I travel that some of the best pictures are taken when I just turn around and look what's behind me.

That's what I did in Venice a few summers ago and I saw this mirror built into the wall. It has the illusion of a window and gave me yet another gorgeous view of Venice.

Venice US my favorite city. I have been there many times before. I was testing out my new phone camera and was impressed by the color I got in this photo. Iconic Venice.....

Venice Canal
One of my favorite cities in the world

Venice, Italy
Stride down the Canal Grande like Venetian aristocracy as your gondolier shows you the beauty of palaces like Palazzo Babarigo adorned with Murano glass mosaic, before entering the labyrinthine backwaters of the city. Hop off on street level and get lost so you crisscross little bridges, sip on a Belini and make it a mission to find the famed Rialto Bridge. For a real-deal Italian bite in the world’s most romantic city, get a local to guide you to Taverna del Campiello Remer, a rustic eatery tucked into the back of a quiet square by the stream. As daylight turns to night, take in the glittering panoramas of Venice reflected into the lagoon from aboard the m/v Tere Moana.

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After you board your ship, visit one of Venice’s iconic places. St. Mark’s Square, or the Piazza San Marco, dates from around 800 C.E., though it was much altered over the centuries; its famous basilica followed a little later and was completed in 1092. While Napoleon may or may not have described the square as “the finest drawing room of Europe,” the quotation has been passed down through the centuries for good reason. The square is an unusually refined public space, and no number of pigeons or tourists can diminish its elegance.

Take a look at the basilica as well, which melds Romanesque and Byzantine influences. In fact, the four horses atop its façade were literally pillaged from Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, in one of the darker episodes in the history of Venice.

Much of the magic of Venice is the joy of simply getting lost wandering its labyrinth of canals and alleys. So start walking in any direction from the square—you’re in no danger of getting too lost as you’ll dead end at the lagoon before you get too far.

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