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Vatican City

Rome – All roads lead to Rome
Historians say that ancient Rome never truly fell rather just decreased in size. This amazing city is the capital of the country that gave us the gastronomical wonder that is pizza. The eateries in Rome are renowned all over the world for their delicious cuisines.
But there is more to Rome than just food, as a tourist you will feel the ancient history of the city weigh on you, a particular monument that you will wish to get visit is the Colosseum, this great wonder dates back to AD 72. It was then a source of entertainment for the citizens of ancient Rome who would gather in large numbers to watch gladiators and salves fight with each other and various exotic and dangerous beasts.
And you simply must visit the Vatican, home to The Pope, visitors are allowed to enter parts of the chapel where they can remark on the wondrous Sistine ceiling art done by Michelangelo that took roughly four years to be completed. The Vatican is perhaps the most sacred place for a Roman catholic, the beauty of the Vatican is breathtaking.
The Trevi fountain is a sight to behold, the interesting thing about this fountain is that the pennies thrown in by visiting tourists and locals alike are used by Red Cross in their numerous noble humanitarian endeavors. The sculptures that line the fountain are amazing creations and present a sight to behold.
00120, Vatican City