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Cuba’s New (and Improved) Culinary Scene
Cuba isn’t exactly famous for cooking up culinary delights, but since the island became a leader in organic farming, its new gastronomic culture has been packing a whole lot of flavor punch that can only be enjoyed off the hotel grounds.

In Varadero, a hearty meal from a little stand called Sabor Cubano goes for as little as 3 pesos, drink included. My choice consisted of pork, salad, plantains, and rice and beans, and it was delicious! Dare to give local street food a try and it just might revolutionize the way you see Cuba, or if you prefer a sit-down meal, opt for some home cooking at a paladar like La Vaca Rosada, also located in Varadero. Paladares are restaurants that are privately run by locals in their own homes and serve freshly prepared dishes. A change of scenery that’s cheap, authentic and bursting with flavor!
Varadero, Cuba