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Valle de la Luna

Hiking in the Atacama Desert, Chile
As we hike into the Val de la Luna, there is not a blade of grass or an insect to be found. This is the driest place on earth - in some places no rain has fallen in recorded time. Salt deposits encrust many of the rocks with a white coat that sparkles in the setting sun.
As the temperature drops and the rocks contract, an eerie sound can be heard, almost as if the rocks are serenading the setting sun.
This is a harsh but beautiful land where the survival of plants, animals and man is a testament to the tenacity of life!
Hiking in the Atacama Desert, Chile

The Moon of the Valley of the Moon
It was Monday, Moon Day, Lunes. And I was in the Valley of the Moon. Why not take a photo of the moon? This is a beautiful moonrise over a large sand dune in Valle de la Luna.

And it was also my country's birthday, the 4th of July.

I thought that watching a magnificent sunset in Valle de la Luna might be a good way to spend the Fourth of July. Running around sand dunes, watching the moon come up...why not?

I wasn't sure if I could take this photo. I had no tripod, and it was quite dark. I almost didn't take it, but thankfully it came out pretty well.
The Moon of the Valley of the Moon