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Valbella, 7077 Vaz/Obervaz

Romansch in the hills
Even under grey skies, the lush pastures in Switzerland's Graubünden canton glow with green in the alpine midsummer.

While staying in the city of Chur, the German-speaking family with whom I was staying took me for a Sunday drive. Up in the Alps, in hillside villages, we tried deciphering inscriptions in Romansch, the native language of the inhabitants of these high valleys.

Related to Italian and French, this Latin-based tongue is still spoken by around 35,000 people in the southeast of the country. In German--"Graubünden," in Italian--"Grigioni," and in Romansch--"Grischun." Whichever language you choose, this region of Switzerland is stunning.

Valbella, 7077 Vaz/Obervaz, Switzerland