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How to Best Market Your Published Book Uvalde Texas United States

How to Best Market Your Published Book

How to Best Market Your Published Book
Writing the Next Best Novel
Begin envisioning your marketing plan before you write your book or go for advice to research paper services.

Shop around on the internet for ideas on how to spruce up your plans, think before diving so that you can make the most bang for your words.

The important part about marketing is getting the word out there. Using a platform like Kickstarter can help you to put the word out there and build an audience. Use Kickstarter.com to make unique aspects to your book; think of your project not as an individual one, but a collaboration. If you succeed in it, many others will also. Try incorporating illustrations or pictures where others can join in on the fun. Definitely use social media, and rake up attention in advance from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages, and your email list. Try to find a real physical publisher rather than online. A publisher can give you more options and they are more used to the system than you.
1. Recognize what kind of audience your book will be catering.
Figure this out, and then you can figure out how to connect with them, how to bring your book about to their venues. Knowing your audience is important; if you're only writing for yourself, then... you probably don't need to publish, but if there's an audience for you -- then publish away.
2. Help your readers to connect with you.
Write a genuine author biography. Have a prominent photographer take a photo of you for the biography. Then your photographer friend will market for you. ;)
3. Build a Facebook page. Invite all your friends.
Make sure to regularly post, make it exciting, make it funny -- make it interesting. And always -- think twice before you post.
4. Go to bookstores to do a grand opening.
Do some traveling. Get involved in conferences. Have a book selling in connection to local musical artists. Get a concert together for your book premiere.
5. Write to local newspapers to advertise your book, call news stations, and radio stations.
They might not be interested... but if the topic sounds sharp enough, they might do an interview.
6. Get in touch with your alma maters, see if they can let you do a reading at the school. Contact old teachers and professors about your work.
7. If you have a internet fan base at hand, use them at your disposal.
Whether you have a youtube page, Twitter, or the likes, you should advertise on those pages. You can build an author website, except it may be more conducive to use other social media where there's more of an influx of traffic at your disposal.
8. Think of places you can promote your book.
Getting your book locally out there will help, and getting your community to help out takes some of the book out of your hands and into a more collaborative process. Try to write a book that resonates with a community and not just yourself.
9. Do you have any connections with PR?
Are any of your friends especially good at communications? You may be able to ask them for advice or tips, and also, you may want to hire one of them to help you build a plan.
10. While building a plan, consider how much you may need to budget...
for travel, printing costs, and possibly hotels. You could do a Kickstarter for this to help with your funds and also to build more of an audience. You constantly want to find ways to build an audience. It's essential to getting your book out there and sold. Don't expect everyone to buy your book... or like it. Get used to the process of getting yourself out there.
11. Use illustrations from friends, and make sure to give them a cut of the compensation.
Why friends? Because if you use some random person's art, they may not help promote the book. Friends will want to brag about being in your book, they'll help sponsor you, so consider compensation toward them as a possible outlet of building audience.
12. Make a list of books and authors that you are similar to
and consider how they marketed their writing. What people like their writing? Where can you find them?
13. Try to get your writing connected to a book conference, to writer gatherings, to book fairs.
14. Create a book packaging that is appealing.
Don't create a too plain jane book or a too razzle dazzle cover either; you want something that attracts. Pick a good font, cover, design -- all of it.
15. Contact organizations, charities, and the like that may like the sound of your book...
and see if they would be willing to promote your book. If you write about dinosaurs -- find dinosaur fan clubs that would love to throw out some kind words for your book.
16. Think of what is cost effective and what is cost detrimental.
If you are spending more money than you would be earning on a marketing tool, then you are doing it wrong. Look for ways that you would not be spending money at all! Many places will promote your work without compensation.