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If Paris is too Iconic for an off-the-beaten-path traveler like you, try Paris up close!
I have gone to Paris many times and people frequently say that they are surprised that I continue to return, since I tend to be an off-the-beaten-path traveler. But the fact is, that the more your return to Paris, if you are willing to change your vantage point, the more you see, and each new level becomes more magical.

I take photos. That helps. On my first trip to Paris, my photos were landscapes, large and sweeping. On my next trip, I focused more on the "street scenes" that seemed to define the city for me. On subsequent trips, my photos came in closer and closer and closer, on the finest details of this city, because Paris can take that kind of scrutiny, and never let you down.

So keep going back to Pairs and don't let your friends convince you that Paris is "too done." Only people who are satisfied with the superficial would dare to say that about this mystical place.

Can you tell where that photo was taken? I guarantee you that if you have been to Paris, you've seen it. You just may not have noticed it.

9 Rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris, France
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