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Unterlinden Museum

Looks like Germany but...
You'd be excused for thinking that this is a picture of Germany because it does have the traditional German style houses. It actually belonged to Germany for a brief time in history. It was taken from France in 1871 and was eventually given back after WWI. Of course Hitler annexed the city in 1940 but again was returned to France in 1945. So now you know why and what types of influence the city, as well as the Alsace region, has had over the years. Regardless, its a little jewel of city and worth the trip!
Who moved Lady Liberty?!?!
No, the Statue of Liberty did not go out for a walk! This one (one of a handful around France) is actually located in the middle of a roundabout just outside the city of Colmar. The reason for this is because the statue's designer, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, was born in this southeastern French city.
Who moved Lady Liberty?!?! Colmar  France

1 Rue des Unterlinden, 68000 Colmar, France
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