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University of California, Berkeley

Check out the Parking Signs
The best parking spots on campus are given to NLs.

Netherlanders? A sight for Northern Lights? National League baseball players?

Nope, Nobel Laureates.

Typical for a school well represented in the periodic table of the elements with Berkelium, Californium, Lawrencium, and Seaborgium.

And yes, I've modified the picture to represent Cal colors.

People Watch
While wandering the Berkeley campus, you are never quite sure of what you might see. This is one of the more tame and relaxing sites you might see on this campus known world wide for its political activism.

Explore the Redwoods
There are multiple redwood groves on the Berkeley campus, especially surrounding the creek that runs through the south side.

There are plenty of hidden places to grab a bench, listen to the stream, and soak up the sun and quiet... until the next class gets out.

Berkeley, CA, USA