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Umani Springs Camp (Reopened)

The lands are expertly managed by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and are dedicated to rehabilitating baby orphaned elephants back into the wild. The facilities can host up to ten youngsters, and have staff that care for them around the clock. The elephants wake-up early, and the day starts with a visit to their enclosure where they can sleep safely through the night. If the wild herds of elephants visited the night before, they can be quite rambunctious, crashing through the trees, and trumpeting to the wild giants, but the wild elephants are still suspicious of them, and not ready to accommodate them in their herds.

The elephants seem to love their caretakers, each having its own personality and favorite caretaker that it goads to scratch the bottom of its trunk, pulling their hand into its mouth to lick their fingers. The elephant’s intelligence is so apparent. They are incredibly social, communicating with low gurgling growls, interlocking their trunks in embrace, playfully pushing each other, spouting water at their friends, and gleefully moshing together in the mud pools until they are all lathered in coats of muck and dust.