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Uluru (aka: Ayer's Rock)

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Many Shades of Red Uluru  Australia

Many Shades of Red

Do not go to Uluru to climb it, or conquer it, or prove something to someone, and definitely do not take a small stone away as a souvenier.
Do not spend time or money going across a continent to end up hot, dry, dusty, parched, isolated, and tired.
Don't go to the 'Red Centre' if you cannot appreciate stillness.
Or silence.
Or the slow passage of time.
Or stories.
Or sacred places.
And most especially, do not go deep into the Outback if you have no understanding, interest in, or appreciation for the native Aboriginal peoples of Australia.
I went on a tour given by an Aboriginal guide (Mark) of Anangu tours. Mark shoed us how to use a spear, make fire and glue from spinefex grass, he talked about looking for bush tucker, sign language used in group hunting, and told us the story of the rock. His rock. The dreaming.
I was there a decade ago. I am still haunted by stars I saw and the feeling of floating in space when I was laying on my back in the desert.
If you do not appreciate dreams, if you do not want to hear the hum of the earth and you don not want to see a billion stars cross the sky at night, do not, I repeat do not go to Uluru.