Twin City Liner

Schiffstation Wien City, Franz-Josefs-Kai 2, Schwedenplatz/Kai, 1010 Wien, Austria

Everything about taking the Twin City Liner is an experience. Being able to go from the centre of Vienna directly to the centre of Slovakia’s capital Bratislava in just over an hour would be impreessive enough, but being able to do so on the water gives this experience an extra edge. Cruising down the Danube on a speedboard is certainly unconventional, and so the trip stands as its own little adventure. Thanks to a buffet and lounge, your time on board will be more than comfortable and give you the chance to see Austria from a different perspective.

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Whizzing From Vienna to Bratislava by Highspeed Catamaran

One summer day I decided to finally visit Bratislava. (it’s one of those places you don’t go to because they are too close...) The mini Danube cruise by high-speed catamaran was a real highlight. It’s super fast while really comfortable, and it gives you enough time to enjoy the views of the Danube with its little stilted fisher huts and weekend homes on the shores. Bratislava is a jewel of a town, especially the pedestrian historic centre. It was really interesting to see some old shops, cafes and a pharmacy labelled in three languages (Slovakian, Hungarian, German) - testimony of the Habsburg Empire.

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