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Getting There in Style: Turo App is the New Way to Rent Cars
There is nothing quite like getting your Jaguar F-Type delivered straight to your home before a romantic road trip to Napa Valley. Just off the App Store, Turo is the new way of renting cars.

Instead of going through the hassle of renting a car for your next holiday, figuring out insurance and ultimately finding disappointment when you end up with a basic Honda or Ford Focus, step up the sex appeal and horsepower with your absolute dream car.

With more than 2 million registered users and 110,000 vehicles listed, Turo offers a wide range of options, from the casual weekend car to your absolute fantasy sports car. Renting out a car is as easy as shopping online, a few clicks and you’re all set.

First select the days your looking for based on location, then select your ride from a list of options ranging from economy to luxury. Insurance is automatically included in the cost. You can also select the option for the car to be delivered right to your door.

Looking to enjoy your next holiday with a new fancy ride? Download Turo.

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