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Horseback ride in the sandstones canyons of Tupiza. John Wayne in Latin America.
The three-hour horseback ride started with a guy meeting me at the hostel. We walked the far end of the town and he puts me on a bus, says something of a young man already on the bus and leaves. The young man eventually nodes to me and we get off the bus. Up a tiny lane there is a farm and a couple of horses are already saddled up. He rummages through the barn for a hat and some breeches and we set off for the canyons.

It always fascinates me how it takes being in a foreign land for me to truly appreciate some quintessential American concepts. I didn’t understand Bob Dylan until I was in a café in China. I didn’t understand John Wayne until I was ridding in the sandstone canyons in Bolivia.

Go for a ride and while you are on the horse, imagine what it was look being a pioneer in the early 19th century in the American West. This might be the last place on earth where the sunlight hits the red sandstone just right yet isolated enough for the make believe to take hold.