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Mango and Strawberry Paletas
What combats humidity and sweltering air that feels like it's being expelled from a jet engine? Paletas! At less than a dollar and in a range of bright juicy flavors, these little Mexican popsicles offer a melty respite from the summer heat. Try one at Flor de Michoacan in Tulum on the main avenida across from the bus station.
Mexican Version of Fish and Chips
Nothing is tastier than flash-fried wild snapper with a squeeze of lime, topped with salsa fresca, simply served on brown paper. We were surrounded by locals enjoying large plates of pulpo (octopus) ceviche, green bowls of mashed avocados, and fresh corn tortillas.
Mexican Version of Fish and Chips Tulum  Mexico

Calamari and Avocado Salad
The best meal i had in Mexico (apart from the taco stands) calamari like I've never had it before, fresh and delicious. A beautiful outdoor restaurant in Tulum.... I know, who goes to Mexico for Argentinian steak and seafood, I DO! It was worth the hour long drive from my resort, from apps to entrees, this place serves outstanding food.
Calamari and Avocado Salad Tulum  Mexico

Life Is Better At The Bar
The sign says it all!

While in Tulum it is fun to walk down the main street and stop into the different restaurants and shops. There are a number to stop at and all have their own character and offer great food and drinks. This sign was in one of the restaurants that had amazing juices, coffee and fresh fruit inspired cocktails!
Life Is Better At The Bar  Tulum  Mexico

Start the Day Right in Tulum
In the Caribbean the warmth of the days usually put me to sleep soon after sitting through another magnificent sunset.

Early to bed means early to rise and doubling your pleasure by starting the day sampling equally inspiring sunrises.

Tulum's location on the Yucatan peninsula means should you rouse yourself early enough, you're practically guaranteed this view most days.
Start the Day Right in Tulum Tulum  Mexico

Real Street Food
So real in fact, that I cannot find any reference to these things anywhere!

After visiting the Mayan ruins in Tulum, while waiting for the bus, I noticed a lady walking around with a container full of these egg shaped nuggets. Within seconds she was mobbed by the local drivers, so I wanted in on the action. I bought some–and omg, they were gooooood!

It's some kind of barley, wheat thing with chorizo inside and onions on top, which made the perfect snack. I tried to get more information online, and through some of my Mexican friends, ...no luck. The locals tried to teach me the name, something like 'Kevee'?!

All I can say is, if you see them, EAT THEM. And have one for me, too!
And if you know what they are, please tell me ; )

A warm thank you:
My trip to Playa del Carmen was courtesy of Mahékal Beach Resort (http://www.mahekalbeachresort.com). The amazing folks at MedjetAssist (https://medjetassist.com) ensure that I take trips, not chances.

Real Street Food Tulum  Mexico

Good Morning Tulum
Tulum is one place that is truly unique. It's eco-chic off the grid style and location while simple by nature is truly a magical experience.

a 10km strip with jungle on one side and beach cabanas on the other all with a different flair, flavor and style is truly one of a kind. The Mayan Ruins are great for sightseeing but the best part is waking up in the morning to the most incredible sand and dynamic blue water.

At nighttime the vibrant stars light your way down the path and you can pop in to any one of the number of outdoor, beach front bars/restaurants for incredible authentic food and drinks.
Good Morning Tulum Tulum  Mexico

I don't think this one needs any words
Sunrise Tulum  Mexico

Tulum sunrise
On that day, sleeping in was not an option because the view from my balcony was just as inviting. Lying in a hammock, I watched the sun say its first hello to the sky and the Caribbean sea.

Photo taken at Zamas, my home away from home in Mexico.
Tulum sunrise Tulum  Mexico

Afternoon Smoothies & Bananagrams
Spent a week on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. Eco-resorts, cabanas, fish tacos every day!
Afternoon Smoothies & Bananagrams Tulum  Mexico

A Winter Dream
Dreaming of lounging on the sundrenched Caribbean shores of the Yucatan is how I procrastinate my way through a half workday on December 31st. Even here in sunny southern California the temperature started off in the 30's (°F) and my lawn and windshield were coated in ice. On my favorite beach in the world, Tulum, the air is hot, the beer is cold and responsibility couldn't afford a plane ticket down due to the poor economy. Tulum is just an hour or so south of Cancun and feels a world away from the Spring-breakers and mega resorts. There are several accommodation types to suit everyone’s fancy, from eco-chic to beachside, thatch-roof huts. I tend to stay in town at the Hotel Chilam Bilam, because it’s cheap, has air conditioning and is central to the bars and restaurants in town. Since I rent a car to visit Maya archaeological sites, cenotes and other nearby attractions, I can drive to Tulum’s public beach in front of the Café El Paraiso. The beach here is very wide and offers an incredible view of the Maya pyramids perched on a cliff over the sky blue waters. Additionally, there is a palapa stand that sells cold beer and coco locos, which are fresh coconuts that are opened up at the top skillfully with a machete and filled with white rum. Bring a book and your snorkeling gear and you are set for a perfect day. Wish I was there.
A Winter Dream Tulum  Mexico

Tulum is for the Early Bird
If you're on a cruise ship making a stop in Cozumel, it is definitely not worth your time extending to Tulum. The ruins' location is superb but by the time you get there, the entire site is swarming with day-trippers. To make the best of Tulum, you probably need to be staying in the area to get there early enough to beat the crowds.
Tulum is for the Early Bird Tulum  Mexico

Neon, Before Neon was cool again.
The best part about the Riviera Maya is the ocean. The white sand lightens up the the hue to the brightest bright blues and aquas I've ever seen. Even these days, as I walk down New York City's streets and see stores plastered with neon and fluorescent shirts and socks and tank tops - Tulum wins.

I'll never the get the color out of my head. Here was the first time I saw water so beautiful.
Neon, Before Neon was cool again. Tulum  Mexico

handcrafted Mexican jewelry
This man sits in his van all day making jewelry from crystals that he finds on his walks in the jungle. He has an awesome vibe, wears hand painted pants, and really embodies a love for nature.
handcrafted Mexican jewelry Tulum  Mexico

Tulum Beach Sunset
Tulum is one of those destinations that never leaves you. Maybe it's the beautiful beaches, the laid-back culture, the restaurants, the cenotes or the jungles. Well, it is probably a mixture of all of those really. Oh, and the awe-inspiring stars at night. There are so many visible to the naked eye. It is like being in a fish bowl.

Check out my article all about visiting this small yet perfect Mexican beach destination.
Tulum Beach Sunset Tulum  Mexico

Michelada - The Mexican Bloody Mary
Earlier this year I took a trip to Tulum, Mexico. It is a beautiful sandy escape perfect for lounging on the beach with drink in hand, until well bronzed and ready for a siesta.

On the first day of my trip, I found myself appropriately standing barefoot in the sand and belly up to a bar contemplating my drink order. It didn’t take more than a moment to come to my conclusion.

“Una Michelada, por favor”

Read more about what a Michelada is and get the recipe to make your own at this link below.
Michelada - The Mexican Bloody Mary Tulum  Mexico

Barefoot Chic in a Former Truck-stop Town
Once a truck-stop town, Tulum is now a favorite with European expats and New York’s fashionistas, who idle between the jungle and secluded beaches. You might even spy a few celebs snacking on coconut shrimp in the local establishments.
Barefoot Chic in a Former Truck-stop Town Tulum  Mexico

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico