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tt. Na Hang

Riding the Daisy season
The 279 Route was one of the most important route connecting the NorthWest Vietnam together
It start from Hạ Long city and go through - Hoành Bồ - Sơn Động - Lục Ngạn - Chi Lăng - Văn Quan - Bình Gia - Na Rì - Ngân Sơn - Ba Bể - Na Hang - Chiêm Hóa - Bắc Quang - Quang Bình - Bảo Yên - Văn Bàn - Than Uyên - Quỳnh Nhai - Tuần Giáo - Điện Biên Phủ - Điện Biên.
As time goes by, many part of this route has been destroyed and became challenged offroad tracks for bikers. One interesting part of this route is Na Hang - Chiem Hoa - Bac Quang, since the Hydropower site in Na Hang town launched, it sinked the route and the only way to travel it is take your bikes on boat.
Picture taken at the point of Ban Lam village, the end point of sinking route.

tt. Năm Căn, Năm Căn, Cà Mau, Vietnam