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Cypriot Tips Part 9 - Mountain Drive On A Hot Day

In Cyprus there are two ways to cool off on a hot summer's day. You can go to the seaside and dip into the cool sea water, or you can drive into the hills and cool off in the mountain air. Most tourist tend to choose the day at the seaside, but many Cypriots will actually choose a day in the mountains instead. It's really one of the best kept secrets of this island nation, and one that should not be overlooked on any Cyprus vacation.

The two areas worth visiting on your trip into the Cypriot mountains are Troodos and Plantres. Troodos is a small resort area deep in the mountains. There are a few little shops here, but mostly it's just small cabins and beautiful hiking trails. Plantres on the other hand is a beautiful mountain village just waiting to be explored. Plantres is also a bit of a foodie town with many fine restaurants and a very peculiar chocolate shop to taste test.

One thing about visiting the mountains is, it's not just about the destination. The mountain roads have all kinds of fun sites to see, from an abandon asbestos mine, small cool springs along the road, and beautiful villages dotted all over. You can visit the mountains on a day trip from Nicosia, or spend a long weekend and explore a little deeper.