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Karagözler Mahallesi, Fevzi Çakmak Cd., 48300 Fethiye/Muğla, Turkey
| +90 537 421 35 69
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The Famous Blue Cruise on the Turquoise Coast Fethiye  Turkey
Paragliding Over Blue lagoon Oludeniz Fethiye  Turkey
Lycianway Fethiye Hike Fethiye  Turkey
The Famous Blue Cruise on the Turquoise Coast Fethiye  Turkey
Paragliding Over Blue lagoon Oludeniz Fethiye  Turkey
Lycianway Fethiye Hike Fethiye  Turkey

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Sun - Sat 9am - 8pm

The Famous Blue Cruise on the Turquoise Coast

Going on cruise vacations is often the most exciting thing of all for couples and for families. Although this entertainment demands a premium and rightly so, since the providers of this service have to spend a lot of money on the ships and the crew, that facilitates the guests during their vacations at sea.
Blue Cruises Turkey offers Fethiye Cruise services to families and couples. The fleet of Blue Cruises comprises of a dozen of beautiful and state of the art ships. All the ships in the fleet have varying features like the capacity of passengers that can be taken on board and the availability or unavailability of accommodation for the crew as well as the type of toilets that are present within.
Fethiye Turkey is a beautiful place to see for visitors who are on their trip to the beautiful country. During this, cruises on a ship can double the fascination of the families on vacation and delight of the couples who are on their honeymoon. Visitors can choose from a number of different options with respect to tour length and location.4 days and week long Fethiye to Kekova -Olympos, 12 islands options to choose
Furthermore, voyagers have the liberty to choose either private or cabin voyages in which they can have fun with friends and make memories with spouse respectively. As for the life abroad the ships, ship crew provides the voyagers with meals prepared fresh on the boat by the specialist cook. Meals of all sorts based on whether sea food or fresh are served.

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about 7 years ago

Lycianway Fethiye Hike

Considered one of the top 10 best trekking routes in the world, the beautiful Lycian Way ranges from the Turquoise Coast in some places to a height of 1800m in others. The stunning Lycian Way is full of natural and historical mysteries.

The Lycian Way is a 3000-year-old trade route that runs between Fethiye and Antalya. Opened in 1999, the 509km route passes through 27 historical sites, small villages, larger towns and beautiful beaches. Nature and history lovers will be amazed at the beauty offered up by the pristine pine forests, sand and pebble beaches, and ancient ruins of past civilisations.

Although it can sometimes be tough going on the path, the effort is definitely worth it, and no matter how many times you hike the Lyican Way, you will discover something different. It offers a chance for you to be alone with nature and rediscover your surroundings, as well as yourself.

It is believed the Lycians settled in the region of Anatolia in late 3000 BC, where they reigned for thousands of years. In the mid-1st century BC the Lycians established the first democratic alliance, known as the ‘Lycian League’.
The principle cities of the Teke Peninsula, as well as smaller towns, worked together to make decisions about how the region would be governed.
At Patara, the Lycian capital, you will find the remains of the parliament building.
The Lycian region is also well-known for its unique architecture, most noticeable in the incredible rock tombs cut into cliff faces.
about 7 years ago

Paragliding Over Blue lagoon Oludeniz

Are you ready to entertain in the sky with its experienced staff? You don't need to get any training or have any idea to join our Tandem (Two persons) flights. Everything will be under the control of our experienced guides, all you have to do is just booking and get magnificent memories to your holiday. Watch the wonderful beauty of Oludeniz through the clouds.The Tandem Flight will have a significant place beside the other activities you do on your holiday. Your notable memories that will start in front of our office will go on after the flight while you are coming our office with a wonderful smile just like theirs, because they have flown.
South Take Off 1700m
If the winds come from the south it is used. It is enough for about 15 canopies to fit side by side and it is the safest one regarding the running distance. There are some good thermal areas on the right after the taking off.
Things to Watch Out For
When the wind comes from left 1900 m Patara Take Off should be mostly preferred . If it is the Patara wind, you will do small nears and swings after taking off. You shouldn't take off in the wind blows from west, it is also called Fethiye wind. You can recognize the Fethiye wind upon the hill that comes from right of you.
Character of the Take off
If the air conditon is not in the effect of wind flows,in the morning it sometimes comes from north; in the afternoon, being stronger and harder and in the evening it calms down again.