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Best Apps That You Need For Stress-Free Business Travel

Traveling for business can be enjoyable. You simply need to find the right apps to help your trip go smoothly. These apps start by helping you plan your trip, allow you to stay in touch while doing so, and not get behind on your work while you're gone.

Planning Your Trip

A good trip is a well-planned trip. There are a few apps that can help you with this, including:

• TripIt is great for anyone who's too busy to build their own trip itinerary. Simply forward all of your email reservations for things like your hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant reservations and the app will automatically convert the emails into a trip itinerary that you can view online or off.

• Yelp helps you discover great, new restaurants based on other people's recommendations. Once you find one you want to try, you can get a phone number so you can make reservations. You'll also get directions on how to get there.

• Open Table is another great way to choose a restaurant. It allows you to view their menu and make a reservation.

One of the most important parts of planning your trip is planning how you'll travel. Starting with booking airplane tickets, you'll find these apps helpful:

• SkyScanner is a flight fare aggregator that lets you find the best flights. According to Business Insider it actually looks through various travel agent websites so you can find the best fare based on when you want to travel.

Once you're on the ground you'll find yourself in need of help as you navigate around a new city. For this you can use these apps:

• Google Maps removes the “fear” of getting lost en route to your meeting. Simply enter the destination and the app will keep your route on the screen as you go.

• Uber is a great way to avoid all of this by simply catching a ride. Your credit card is directly charged by the app so you don't need to worry about having cash available.

At the end of the day, you'll need somewhere to stay. There are some really helpful apps here as well, including:

• HotelTonight allows you to find last-minute hotel deals.

There are also a few things you can do to make your trip more pleasant throughout. These two apps will help you with this:

• LoungeBuddy allows you to view and book entry into exclusive lounges throughout the world. You'll only need to pay a one-time charge for it.

• ClassPass is a monthly gym membership that allows you to use local gyms that are included in the app. They also have ClassPass Flex so you can sign up for classes while traveling.

Don't lose track of how much money you've spent thanks to apps like:

• Expensify is a great way to simplify your travel expenses. It allows you to import credit card transactions, scan receipts, and log billable expenses like mileage and time. You can also manage your travel plan with this app, staying up-to-date with real-time flight statuses. Additionally, all it takes is just one click to process hundreds of reports, reimburse employees via direct deposit, and establish reimbursement guidelines.

Staying in Touch While Traveling

When you're traveling you'll still need to attend meetings. One of the best ways to do this is through web meetings that you can attend via video conferencing. Apps like UberConference and Skype are great here. With Skype you can make free calls and send free messages.

Another great way of messaging people while you're traveling is through WhatsApp. It will even allow you to have a group conversation with multiple people at once. If this is something you need to do on an international basis, you should try the Google Translate app.
Never get Behind on Your Work

As you travel you don't want to find yourself stressing because you got behind on your work. Of course, there are a few apps that can help you here as well. They include:

• vernote allows you to keep your notes organized while you're traveling. You can then sync this across all your devices so you have easy access to them when you need them.

• Slack is a great way to stay in touch with your colleagues while you're traveling. You can send them real-time private and group messages through this app. Together you can work on sharing and editing documents too.

• Google Drive allows you to keep all of your work in one place so you don't have to carry a lot of documents around with you. It will instantly save any changes you make too.

With these free apps at your disposal, there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy your next business trip. These apps will remove the stress even allowing you to arrive back home feeling refreshed.

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