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Best Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs Arvada Colorado United States

Best Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs

With cities like Aspen, Vail, and Denver nearby, you wonder why anyone would move to Colorado Springs. With its alpine desert climate and remote rock formations, Colorado Springs has actually made a name for itself as a tourist hotspot.

With a low cost of living and low unemployment rates, Colorado springs was named the 11th best place to live in the US, by US News and World Report. With a population of over 400,000, Colorado Springs real estate continues to climb in value as more people opt for the cozy and quaint atmosphere of Colorado Springs over Denver. One source found that the median sale price value for a home in Colorado Springs rose by 10.6% last year.

Colorado Springs natural landscape and remote wonders provide the ideal adventure zone for the Supertramps of the world and transcendentalists looking for a retreat. For the locals, hiking and rock climbing are simply a way of life. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of the best hiking trails to be found in Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods

The unusual rock formations of the Garden of Gods make for both casual and difficult rock climbing experiences. With gravel trails that wind through the park, the Garden of Gods offers you spectacular views of Pikes Peak and other Colorado Springs landmarks. Considered to be one of the 7 wonders of Colorado, this park provides more sights and sounds than it does exercise. Don't be surprised to find the park crowded during peak months.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Lying just outside Manitou Springs, Red Rock Canyon offers steep inclines for rock climbers to scale the walls and beautiful paths that offer unique views of the Garden of Gods. Being a public park, you can also bring your dogs on the trail and there are lots of trails. Hiking here is fairly moderate and many people recommend Quarry Pass and Mesa Trail for impecables sights of the alpine landscape.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

With over 21 miles of easy trails to walk along, Cheyenne State Park offers huge, untethered fields to explore. Take a day and climb atop the steep paths of Mount Cutler and Muscoco as you look over the vast open spaces of the rest of the park.
Catamount Trail

Looking for a trail with serene waterfalls and beautiful pine forestry? Many people like Catamount Trail because it runs through vast thickets of forestry and spits you out in the impeccable Garden of Eden reservoir. Initially rocky and steep, this trail slowly becomes easier as you reach the flatlands of the Garden of Eden. It’s ideal for a hot and muggy day when you still want to go hiking and need to shade of trees to keep you cool.

Palmer Lake Reservoirs

The Palmer Lake Loop is an easy trail that takes hikers through thick pine forests and around waterfalls and small creeks. With a steep 1.5 mile wall around the lake, there are many trails that spit you out into different parts of the area. Ice Cave Creek Trail takes visitors up the mossy alpine toward beautiful thickets of aspen trees. Whether you’re looking to hiking, swimming, or do some angling, I’d suggest the visiting the majesty of Palmer Lake Reservoirs.

Austin Bluffs Open Space

Formed from geological shifts dating back to the Eocene period, Austin Bluffs is a unique open area distinct from anything else found in Colorado Springs. With two trailheads leading to its cavernous rock formations, Austin Bluffs provides unparalleled sights of a vast, untouched landscape.

Crags Trail Pikes Peak

Crags Trail to the west offers a great view of the continental divide across Colorado and is a fairly easy hike to Pikes Peek. With less elevation than Barr Trail, this trail is ideal for families and casual hikers looking to breathe in the fresh pine air of the Colorado wilderness.

Scar Mountain

The Scar Mountain path is a steep ascent across the Queens Canyon Quarry. This moderate path offers amazing sights, such as Bighorn Sheep habitats and the Garden of Gods to the south. It’s easily accessible from the town of Colorado Springs and many local establishments offer guided paths up the ascent.

Midland Trail

Midland Trail is an easy 5 mile hike that runs adjacent to Red Rock Canyon and the city of Colorado Springs. The trail runs through Manitou Springs to America the Beautiful Park, although you may get a little noise pollution from the city underneath.

Barr Trail

Barr Trail is a steep trail that extends to the summit of Pikes Peek. A round trip on this trail is the same distance as a marathon and it’s generally considered one of the most difficult trails in Colorado Springs. With an elevation of 7800 feet, Barr Trail offers breathtaking sites while taking the breath out of you.