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Tower Bridge Exhibition

Sunset at the Tower Bridge, London
When the sunset casts a golden hue to the famous Tower Bridge, with the reflection of the river Thames, it's like a knight changed into his shiny golden armor.

Congrats to London's 2012 Summer Olympic Game Opening Day.
my CEOs
yes you read that correctly- LOL. This is a photo from the Tower Bridge exhibit of my two most recent CEOs. Every year for two decades we traveled to London for business and each year I would plan some kind of day trip from London for the weekend that we used to acclimate to the time zone. We did Bath, Kew Gardens, Hampsted Heath, Hampton Court, Oxford, all the museums and numerous trips to Greenwich by the boat on the Thames. This particular year, I convinced my then CEO and the guy who would later become my CEO to pose in the cutouts of the Tower Bridge exhibit. The current CEO (in the beautiful green frock) got extra points for his willingness to embrace his feminine side- LOL. Having retired in January I can post this with no fear...LOL Enjoy London in all it's glory and don't forget to bring a sense of humor!
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