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Tournament of Roses Parade

Pasadena's Rose Parade
Even if you know nothing else of Pasadena, you know the Rose Parade! It's spectacular! The colorful flowers, fabulous floats, and excited crowds make for a great day! Camp out the night before to claim a close-up view of the parade! Or, if a cold night of camping isn't your style, never fear! Wake up early and bring a box of fresh coffee and extra cups to your viewing-spot-of-choice...all those cold, sleep-deprived campers will be glad to squeeze you into their prime viewing space in exchange for a hot cup of Joe!
See The Rose Parade Floats After Sleeping In
Unless you want to run on a small amount of sleep or a large amount of coffee, the idea of getting up early to watch the Rose Parade in person seems about as likely as sticking to a New Year’s resolution past March. While there are certainly thousands of people who line the parade route each year – this is, after all, a world famous event – you can still sleep in and see the floats later on New Year’s Day. After the five-mile celebration has ended, the kaleidoscopic floats are parked near the parade route to be admired within arm’s reach. The 2015 showcase takes place from January 1st through January 3rd on E. Sierra Madre Boulevard and E. Washington Boulevard, with a $10 admission for adults. Stroll the closed-off streets with carnival food in hand, and glimpse the imaginative arrangements for an afternoon. When you can arrive at your leisure, the parade’s decorative gems take on a new splendor.
See The Rose Parade Floats After Sleeping In Pasadena California United States

Must See: Pasadena's Rose Parade
A trip to the Tournament of Roses Parade had always been on my bucket list, and I was finally able to cross it off in 2012. A high point for me was taking a special behind-the-scenes tour where I got to see thousands of volunteers building the parade floats using millions of flowers; given that I’m an exhibition planner, I love seeing logistics in action. And then seeing the parade in action, with all of the petals arranged in intricate detail, was a gardener’s dream. (image: andrewfastlizard4adams/flickr)
Must See: Pasadena's Rose Parade Pasadena California United States

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