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Tomales Bay

The mystical and The mundane
Tomales is a town nestled into a narrow, less accessible stip of highway 1 north of Nick's Cove. I came upon this church bordering the edge of town and a wind swept peninsula.

Tomales Bay Point Hike, California
One of the Bay Area's not to be missed hikes is the long way from the Pierce Point Ranch to the point of Tomales Bay. The green grass feels a little bit like Ireland, the tall cliffs a little bit like Cinque Terre but it is all so very California. I imagine that the entire experience changes depending on the time of year you visit and this was a chilly but very blue and sunny November day. Make sure you zoom in and don't miss the elk basking in the sunshine in the center of this photo.

A Shucking Good Time!!
As you cruise north on Route 1 leaving the charms of San Francisco behind, you are embraced with the rolling hills of western Marin county. Travel further north and the lovely Tomales bay unfolds before you, bordered by small towns such as Millerton and Marshall where you can pull over and grab a freshly baked loaf of crusty bred, a hand full of lemons, some sharp fresh cheese and an ice cold six pack of a sweet IPA, then stop along any one of the many oyster farms en route and grab a few dozen oysters to get shucking. The view of the bay is divine, not to mention the delicious oysters!