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To'lai Acho

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Visit the Statue of Sirena the Mermaid

The legend of Sirena, the Guamanian mermaid, goes like this: Sirena was a girl who lived near the Minondo River in olden times, and she loved to swim. One day, Sirena’s mother sent her to gather coconut shells by the river. Once Sirena saw the water, she couldn’t resist diving in.

Her mother became so impatient waiting for her to return that she cursed her daughter to become a fish, since she loved swimming so much. Her godmother, who was visiting, said, “Leave the part of her that belongs to me.” And so Sirena transformed into a fish from the waist down, and never came back home; legend has it that she can only be caught with a net made from human hair.

Located in Tolai Acho Park, next to San Antonio Bridge.