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Tivoli Rome

Canopus over canal at Hadrian's Villa
During our recent trip to Rome, we paid a visit to the incredible UNESCO World Heritage site of Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli. Minus the wooden fence in the photograph, you can almost envision how this gorgeous area of the property would have originally looked. Among all the images I captured, this was my favorite. It really encapsulates the grandeur that was once was. As you walk through the immense estate, you imagination runs wild. Emperor Hadrian envisioned an opulent escape in the most serene of landscapes in the Italian countryside.

Great Day Trip. It was an easy train ride away. It was a great break from the hustle and bustle of the busy Italian capital.

Don't miss the town of Tivoli.
Tivoli is a few miles from Hadrian's Villa. You can see it from the villa. The main attraction there is the Villa d'Este a 16th century palace set on the top of a steep
slope. The Palace is very lovely but the real attraction is the gardens with dozens
of fountains (picture of water coming out of the mouths of the carvings is from
Villa d'Este, not Hadrian' Villa). Don't miss this place it is so beautiful and peaceful
as well as unusual. We did a bus tour from Rome which made the trip relaxing and
allowed us to not have to consider parking in Tivoli which is very limited.