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Tirana, Albania
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Albanian Fauna Tirana  Albania

Albanian Fauna

(see Albanian Flora Highlight too!) In my family we have a whole new crop of adventurers coming up. Well, I’m hoping that they’ll eventually get there but at the moment they are explorers in training. Their concepts of “new and different” run along the lines of sandwiches with the crusts on. I’ve got ten young members, all under the age of eight, who really have no interest at all in the out-of-the-ordinary. It’s a bit of a challenge to engage them while I’m on my travels.

So lately my pictures and posts have been leaning more towards the relaying of commonalities, the similar, the things they would recognize and get excited about (“Really? They have potato chips too???”) During my Albanian trip I started to snap photos of animal and post them home. Herds of cow, sheep and goat were ubiquitous. They regularly stopped traffic. Tortoises seem to have taken over the ancient city of Apollonius. Dragonflies at Lake Ohrid were vibrant blue. Wolf looking dogs greeted us in Prespa . A momma duck taught her babies to swim at Drilon.

These pictures are what finally drew my young audience into the spirit of my explorations. The excitement and questions that they have generated are lighting a fire in their bellies and they are clamoring for more. At some point I hope they’ll transition into curiosities for cultures and histories, but for now I’m going with what works. Albania’s wildlife has finally provided me with a way into the hearts and minds of little children.