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Timzilt Coast of Morocco

Fishing with a View in Morocco
Just about 80 km south of the relaxing tourist friendly resort city of Agadir is a small town named Timzilt. Near the coast it's residents have taken to nature and built into the natural caves amazing dwellings. They reside here for 2-3 days a week and live off of nature's bounty (octopus, fish, mussels and other sea life). The structures vary from makeshift doors and walls to elaborate adobe and rock walls. Passed down within the families for generations, it is the most efficient use of small space I have ever experienced. The rare cultural experience is quickly complimented by the amazing cliffs, beach and thunderous waves crashing only meters away.
I highly recommend that one have a driver if you do not speak arabic or french, in addition parts of the roads can be a bit difficult to navigate for those with out sand dune driving experience. A Moroccan guide can easily negotiate access to the dwellings and beach provided a small donation is made to the inhabitants.
This fishing village is only one of hundreds in Morocco. They do differ in size and access. I preferred this area because it was so accessible and seemed genuinely one with the surrounding nature.