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Tikal, Guatemala
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No Elevators in pre-Columbian Mayan Civilization Tikal  Guatemala

No Elevators in pre-Columbian Mayan Civilization

Not sure if they built these wooden stairs to make it easier for us present day humans to climb or if to protect these 1000-2000 year old temples. Some of the temples can be climbed by their original stone stairway, but not this one.

I didn't travel to this UNESCO World Heritage Site in northern Guatemala because this was the location of Yavin 4, one of three habitable moons orbiting the gas giant Yavin in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. You might remember the shot where the Millennium Falcon lands in the trees and there are about three temples sticking out of the foliage. I didn't realize it until I was standing on one of these temples above the tree line exactly where the camera was in the scene. Very cool.

They sell bottles of beer in the park, Gallo cerveza if I remember correctly. I must say, on that hot day, it was a relief to sit on those 2000 year old structures and drink a cold one.