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Thun Castle

Change can be rewarding
When traveling in Switzerland with my family when I was growing up, we always took public transportation. So when I took friends over there in the autumn of 2010 for a tour, for which they wanted to rent a car with me as the driver, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't show them "true" Swiss culture and the efficiency of the Swiss system. However, I quickly enjoyed the convenience and flexibility of a car - being able to go places and have vantage points for views we'd seen only by train, boat, or bus. This particular day, we drove to Thun for some shopping and this clear panoramic view of the most famous of the Bernese Alps was in full glory on the return trip. We had to turn around on the autobahn in order to go back to a rest stop so we could take a photo of this glorious spectacle. Now we need a word with the local utility to get rid of those power lines....
A Meeting of Families!
Three gaggles converged from behind an ivy-covered wall along the banks of Lake Thun. It was hilarious to see how the little ones took cues from their parents - while the humans stopped to look, Mama Goose's protestations at the chance encounter sent her goslings honking.
A Meeting of Families! Thun  Switzerland

Interlaken’s Towering Thun Castle
Though it’s just 30 miles from the far more modest village of Brienz, the town of Thun, on the far western edge of Lake Thun, had a far wealthier history than its neighbor. The reasons are complicated—the Catholic church controlled land around Lake Brienz, while Protestants owned their own plots around Lake Thun—but a testament to Thun’s past wealth is still easily seen today: the magnificent Thun Castle that looms over town. The Dukes of Zähringen, one of whom founded the Swiss capital of Bern in 1218, built the castle toward the end of the 1100s; today you can wander around its five floors to learn about the history of the region. Be sure to visit the Knights Hall, an airy chamber with suits of armor and a cavernous fireplace—and to pause at the corner towers for excellent views of over the town, mountains and lake.

For more information about the history and culture of Jungfrau and Interlaken, visit myswitzerland.com.
Interlaken’s Towering Thun Castle Thun  Switzerland

Thun, Switzerland