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Three of the World_s Most Beautiful Libraries

Three of the World_s Most Beautiful Libraries
Are you a bookworm who simply loves to spend hours in the library? If so, then you will love what we have in store for you today! There are many beautiful libraries in the world and we are going to learn more about three of them. Each of these libraries has something different to offer and all of them contain a wealth of knowledge and culture.

Trinity College Library

This beautiful library is one of the oldest on the list. Located in the Irish city of Dublin, Trinity College Library has been around since it was commissioned by the Queen of England in the year 1592. This library is not only one of the most beautiful; it’s the largest single-chamber library in all of the world!
If you would like to work at a library like the one at Trinity College, you will need the right degree. Getting a library science degree is a perfect way to work at a dream location just like this one. When it comes to getting this type of degree, you have a lot of options and you can even attend school online. Some colleges are now offering an
online MMLIS degree degree program that can be completed from any location in the world.

TU Delft Library

Another amazingly beautiful library is located in The Netherlands. TU Delft Library is a very unique looking building that appears to be emerging out of the ground. In fact, this library is beneath the earth and its roof is a grassy hill where you can lay down and enjoy a book. But, keep an eye out for the sprinklers, which are set on timers. Since most of the library is under the soil, you can’t see much of it until you get inside. Once you walk inside the doors of this amazing place, you will find over 800,000 books! One of the greenest libraries in the world, this building is very eco-friendly.

Geisel Library at The University of California

The final library on the list is the Geisel Library. Located at The University of California in San Diego, this library is one of the most modern buildings in the country. When you first look at this work of art, you will probably think it’s a spaceship, but when you get inside, you will be in awe of how many books they have! This unique library has a lot to offer and they host events like Dinner at The Library where guests are invited over for a book and a cocktail. Also, many famous authors have spoken at this amazing venue.
Each of these amazing libraries will take your breath away! As you have learned, they also contain almost a million books and eachwill give you ample reading opportunities. If you would like to work at one of these beautiful libraries or even at your local library, you should think about getting your online library science degree. This will provide you with a rewarding career, and the best part is you will be surrounded by books everyday!
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