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Thira by Donkey

The Donkey/Mule/Horse: "Santorini's Hardest Worker"
Santorini should be experience by "Donkey". The sense of the Donkey wanting to either walking off the cliff or run over walking humans is so funny. Yet, so freaking scary. During the ride my donkey was moving quite fast up the stairs, the reason being he wanted to get a corner and do the "#1". I was wondering want he was doing, until I heard the rush of water underneath me. Yup, he was certainly peeing. At least, he has a healthy and functioning bladder. Try to find a restaurant away from the tourists, there you will find better food to enjoy and savor.

Restaurants in Santorini/Thira
There are many cafes and restaurants in Santorini that display their food outside either like this or in deli form. Many of these cafes are amazing to just stroll by and look at the decorative food.

Ladies Who Lunch
Of course, we ordered a Greek Salad. Delicious feta!

What a perfect day, a perfect place, a perfect meal and perfect company.

Perched high in a cliffside restaurant with our Oceania cruise ship as a backdrop, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service of our handsome young and enthusiastic waiter.

There are lots of restaurants to choose from, of course, and finding your perfect lunch spot will be part of your adventure.

In my opinion you just can't go wrong in Santorini!

Santorini from the other side
This was the view of the gorgeous Santorini from aboard our cruise ship at sunrise. We would shortly be taking our tender boats to the shore and walking up the long, winding donkey trail to more breathtaking views.

Thira in the morning
The view of Thira from aboard a cruise ship. Waiting patiently to board tender boats to reach a location I'd been dying to visit ever since seeing Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as a kid.

Grecian Donkeys
If you walk up the donkey trail rather than paying for the lift or donkey ride, be sure to look out for, not only donkey poo, but running donkeys as well. They walk nicely up the hill with passengers, but to get back down, they RUN and don't stop for anything!

Another amazing view around every corner
Wandering the island of Santorini with absolutely no agenda is the very best way to experience it. You can't get too lost, and every street leads to a spectacular view. You just can't go wrong!

Travel to Santorini in luxury, explore Santorini by donkey
Travel by donkey up to the edge of a dormant volcano that shaped this island so long ago, or get lost in the pathways between white-washed houses decorated with deep-blue shutters. Instead of public transportation, rent an ATV and make sure to find a good spot for the sunset. The little town of Oia is known for being in perfect position to catching a postcard-like snapshot.

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