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The World of Coca-Cola

Small-Town Remedy to International Empire
The World of Coca Cola has been a favorite Atlanta landmark since its opening in the former location near Underground Atlanta in 1991. While the restaurant has since moved to Pemberton Place downtown, which has only added to the museum's exhibits. John Pemberton created the original recipe in nearby Columbus in 1886. The recipe was purchased by Asa Candler who incorporated the brand and turned the company into what it is today. It's fascinating to see how a pharmacy remedy developed into the most internationally recognized name. You'll see exhibits on Coca Cola's Olympic sponsorship, depiction in art and an actual bottling line. You can also taste Coke products from around the world and see where the secret recipe is stored.
Discover the World of Coca-Cola
This 100,000 square foot facility is dedicated to the world’s most famous beverage: Coca Cola. The World of Coca Cola celebrates the company’s 125 year history and range of products with theme-park style attractions and the theatrics fitting of a Broadway production—the Disneyland of soda. Take a 125 year history lesson, be intrigued by the secret recipe, check out the bottling process, and, of course, drink pop.

Great Place to Visit
This is a fun place to visit by yourself or with family or kids. If you are older you will recognize some of the congs Coke has used over the decades to advertise their product. The most fun is the Tasting Room at the end of the tour where you can taste multiple soda beverages that Coke produces around the globe.

Great Place to Visit!
This is a must see if you are visiting the Atlanta area. Coke is just a piece of Americana.

121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA
+1 404-676-5151
Sun 10am - 6pm
Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm
Sat 9am - 7pm