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The Westin Bristol Place Toronto Airport

950 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5N4, Canada
+1 416-675-9444

Turn Right at the Elevator

Sometimes, when you’re looking for a place for an evening cocktail, it’s easy to overlook the obvious, to turn your nose up at what’s right under said proboscis.

Honest mistake: get in late, check in, head out for a drink. I've made the same mistake, when all I had to do was turn right at the elevator.

Westin's Lounge is up a few steps from the lobby proper, giving it a nice open feeling and making it a great spot for people-watching. One end features leather easy chairs set up for pleasant conversation and there's a grand piano in one corner, silent tonight, though it regularly provides a soothing background for the sharing of intimate secrets.

Rich wood panels break up the sightlines and offer a couple hideaway tables for private get-togethers. But, as with all bars, the Lounge is about the staff.

Meet a Chilean expat named José. He always remembers your drink, an honor he bestows from the bridge of a twenty-foot wraparound stone bar, and patrons call him by name—despite the fact this is a bar in an airport hotel.

But maybe it’s not this personable fellow who’s worked for Westin for thirty-plus years. Maybe it's the fact that coming home is a piece of cake.

Just turn left at the elevator.