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The Time Travel Mart

Time Traveling in Echo Park
The tiny shopfront, which benefits the non-profit literacy advocacy 826LA, stocks anything and everything you need for armchair time travel. Think dinosaur eggs to canned "mammoth chunks," spare robot parts to cod-scented "vikingodorants."

Go Back to the Future without a DeLorean
Get in on the ruse at this one-stop shop for all of your past, present, and future travel needs. You can purchase Van Warwijck’s Dodo Chow—imported fresh from the 1600s—for your dodo since these birds are “notoriously finicky eaters and require a complex variety of nutrients to stay healthy.” Or, get to the source of the origin of life with a can of Wallace’s Primordial Soup.

Take your time perusing the small space and note the detail that goes into everything. You'll see grainy, closed-circuit TV security monitors capturing time travelers from other eras who wander the aisles, as well as an epoch-crossing bulletin board.

What’s it all about, Alfie? The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is really a front for 826LA, a nonprofit after-school tutoring and writing center for kids. The friendly clerk will be more than happy to tell you about it or sign you up as a volunteer tutor, if you're so inclined. All of the goods are for sale, and proceeds benefit 826LA. I bought a booklet of student writings to support the cause.

You can find another L.A. outpost in Mar Vista. There are more stores scattered across the country, including the Boring Store in Chicago, which is not a secret agent supply store.

1714 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA
+1 213-413-3388
Sun - Sat 12pm - 6pm