The Royal Livingstone

Budget option for an amazing night by Victoria Falls
The Royal Livingstone hotel is not for budget travellers - and for a reason. The location and feel of the place is amazing, the hotel has remained true to its roots - the inventory looks old fashionly colonial, the backyard goes on for miles (well, it feels like it) and if you arrive early enough, you can find a nice place to sit right by Victoria Falls and observe the hundreds of birds flying across the water by the sunset, almost like a dance.

Then, and this is when the budget part comes in, you can order a few drinks and sit the night through. The waiters arrives every now and then with free apetizers to keep your stomach filled just enough. (Tip as you please of course).

A great option if you're looking for the high life/romantic/luxurious feel on a calm night right in front of Victoria Falls. Absolutely recommended! The hotel is not far away from Livingstone center and taxies run cheap.
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