The rise of the pop-up food industry

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The rise of the pop-up food industry
A shift in restaurant trends has led to more events being hosted across the food and beverage industry than ever before. Eventbrite finding show that the number of food and drink events hosted on its platform is increasing each year, moving away from traditional, formal dining towards a more casual, unique dining experience.

Eventbrite analysed over 40,000 of these events and found that the pop-up dining experience was the fastest growing trend — recording 82% growth, with search volumes for street food also growing by 80% between 2014 and 2016. Could this be the end of dining as we know it?

With 70% adults in a recent survey now admitting that their main frustration when dining in traditional restaurants is the aspect of waiting, it’s no surprise that people are gravitating towards the new dining experience.
Here, one of the UK’s leading LPG suppliers to businesses Flogas discusses how the food industry has shifted away from brick and mortar establishments…

The rise of the pop-up food industry

One Eventbrite survey involving over 2,000 people who have attended a pop-up dining experience has shed light on why the events have proven so attractive to the public.

75% of pop-up event attendees are of the belief that it’s worth paying more money in order to witness a unique dining experience. Around half of respondents also said that they would be happy to pay more for a meal from the exact same menu at a pop-up event where chef interaction is involved as opposed to one served in a regular restaurant. It seems that once popular chain and franchise restaurants can no longer tempt customers with their relaxed atmospheres and competitive prices.

So, what is important to those attending a pop-up event? With 66% of all UK adults describing themselves as passionate about food and drink, it is clear that the UK is becoming somewhat of a foodie nation. It’s no surprise that for 84% of survey respondents, it was a unique menu or theme that attracted them to pop-up food. This was followed by events held at memorable locations (76%) and occasions that promised to be a one-of-a-kind experience (74%).
Foodies are now looking for something different when they dine out – the traditional, formal dining experience doesn’t seem to make the cut anymore.

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