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The Pink Palace - Backpackers Resort

Agios Gordios 490 84, Greece
| +30 2661 053103

A Booze Cruise

My eye caught glimpse of the Pink Palace brochure during my stay in Athens and I felt a surge of enchantment. My picturesque idea of a Greek island envisaged a Spartanesque array of stucco and ivory castles peaked with royal blue pinnacles. But why couldn't they be royal pink?

Although the palace did not project the same ancient, Mediterranean image, the deal offered a bus and ferry ride, an overnight stay and two meals for 65€–or as the Aussies say, “this is a mega pie.”

Equipped with Dramamine, peanuts and beer, I hopped onto the (pink) tour bus with gusto. Ten hours later, while driving up a countless twist of luscious, verdurous mountains, we glimpsed our destiny-a giant, multistoried Pink Palace-and quickly realized this palace was designed for youthful travelers. The morning began with complimentary shots, free breakfast and a convincing shove towards the booze cruise (25€).

In an instant, I was sailing into the Ionian Sea on a pink cruise ship with Captain George and 68 other worldly comrades crammed together thinking, “I’m on a boat…this. is. for. REAL!”

The next six hours was an untamable, estival blur—shotgunning beers, au natural cliff jumping and staggering hikes to ancient monasteries. When we arrived back on land so everyone could get ready for the complimentary dinner, I unconsciously laid down for a quick snooze and woke up eight hours later—fully refreshed, ready to eat, excited to mingle—wait a minute, 2:30am?

I blame my starvation on the booze cruise.