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The Oriole Trail

Woodlands, Montserrat
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A Rare Glimpse of the Montserrat Oriole Woodlands  Montserrat

A Rare Glimpse of the Montserrat Oriole

Completely devastated by hurricane Hugo in 1989, then nearly wiped off the map by the violent eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano in 1995, the people of Montserrat have had it rough and the troubles just keep coming.

But for all the pain and suffering endured by the people of this island, the natural beauty of Montserrat endures as embodied by the golden Montserrat Oriole. Critically endangered, this is the only endemic bird species of the island. Residing nowhere else in the world, this bird has suffered all of Montserrat’s cataclysmic volcano eruptions, hurricanes and even the odd ice age.

What's odd is that even on this tiny island, few Montserratians have ever been lucky enough to see one in the wild!

You're best best for catching a glimpse of this little ball of golden feathers in its natural habitat is to seek out a man named James Daley (AKA "Scriber") and let him lead you into the green heart of "The Other Emerald Isle" on an easy hike. You'll certainly see orioles and maybe even a "mountain chicken" or two!