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The Old Road to the Fields Along the River

5400 Vila Verde da Raia, Portugal
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The Old Road to the River Vila Verde da Raia  Portugal

The Old Road to the River

When I was in Vila Verde de Raia in the Tras-os-Montes area of Portugal, I wandered through the fields and down the old roads.

This road is still used by some of the farmers in the area but since there are better roads now, most use them to get to their farmlands and fields.

I was fascinated by the sense of peace with only the songs of the birds to break the silence as I followed this old dirt path. There was no one around except for an occasional farmer and his wife working their plots of land. They stopped to stare at the stranger in their midst.
I would wave and they would wave back with a huge smile.

There were fields of corn, beans, kale, potatoes, tomatoes, melons, and several other vegetables. Apple, pear, and peach trees were strung along the edges of fields.

I followed the path along the canal to the Acude (river falls) of the Tamega River which supplies water to the area.

There were picnic tables under shade trees and a beautiful river with falls.

Strolling through the farmland, I almost shed a few tears. It was that peaceful and beautiful!

I had been in the area a few times, so I knew where to go.

If you are in the area, take the main road from Chaves north toward Spain. Be on the look-out (on the left) for a sign that points to the Acude.

It's a beautiful area in which to spend a little time.