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The Meydan Hotel Dubai

Baniyas Square, Dubai, UAE - دبي - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 227 5555

Ferraris for a Mile....

While working in Dubai, my colleague and I were at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai for a month. The luxury hotel overlooked the billion-dollar Meydan horse track. We came back to the hotel after work one day and found 116 Ferraris lined up on the track. We learned that they were doing a caravan to Abu Dhabi the next day and trying to break a world record for the longest Ferrari caravan.

In celebration of the event, Ferrari was hosting a cocktail party for all of the owners around the pool that evening. Well, after three weeks of living at the hotel we felt quite comfortable and decided that we were in the mood for a cocktail. So, in our best Ferrari owner looking attire (jeans and sandals), we confidently strode into the pool area, grabbed a cocktail, helped ourselves to some snacks and socialized with the uber-wealthy. Ok, we didn't socialize much, but did enjoy the beautiful evening around the pool with great food and wine.

While there was a Ferrari on display at the front of the hotel worth $1.5 million, most were only in the hundreds of thousands price range in various sizes and colors. Hard to comprehend the amount of money on the track that night.

The next day, the line of 116 cars took off for Abu Dhabi, falling just short of breaking the world record. We arrived back to the hotel that evening, to the normal view of the horses working out on the track surrounded by green grass in the middle of the desert.