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The International Car Forest of the Last Church

The International Car Forest of the Last Church
A rather different sort of art installation in the middle of the Nevada desert, just on the outskirts of a near-ghost town called Goldfield, NV, once a booming mining town, and now, with only one restaurant and no gas stations.

For photographers, day or night, it's a lot of fun to photograph. If you're like me and you love love love photographing in the dark of the night sky, there are ample opportunities for light painting and other sorts of fun.
Super Groovy Cosmic Bus Ride

Fasten your seat belts. If you can find 'em.

Outside the historic mining town of Goldfield, NV, in a desert dotted by Joshua Trees, you can see a field of old cars that are wildly painted and jammed into the ground at unlikely angles. This is the International Car Forest of the Last Church, created by Michael "Mark" Rippie and painted by Chad Sorg. In July 2014, I stayed in Goldfield and created night photos with light painting to enhance the bold colors of the painted cars even more. Light painting photos of this nature are often best done near a full moon, and although occasionally plagued with cloudy skies, I managed to get some photos I was happy with here at this strange art installation.

With a nod of gratitude to Troy Paiva and Lance Keimig, who largely pioneered this sort of light painting photography. I don't do this sort of light painting often, but their two books definitely had an influence on this photo.

This is a long exposure night sky photo with light painting. All color work was done during the exposure, and is not a Photoshop creation.
Super Groovy Cosmic Bus Ride Goldfield Nevada United States