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The Cooking Shack Behind the Church

Stirring the Pot in Kilimanjaro
Several hundred pastors from deep in the bush in Tanzania met in the city of Moshi on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro. Instead of paying attention to the meeting's proceedings, I sneaked out back to see how lunch was coming along. Under the cover of a tin-roofed, smoke-filled hut, the Mamas were busy cutting up carrots and corn and red onions and green peppers and lamb and oranges and this leafy green stuff that tasted like fresh spinach. I poked my head into everything and took photos of everyone and showed all the Mamas the photos. Apparently, they'd not seen their own images often and the camera became an instant attraction. I was invited to sample everything, stir everything, cut everything and, of course, hug everyone. "Mzuri Sana!" I gushed at nearly every picture I took, turning the digital camera around so the women could admire themselves. So Beautiful!
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