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The Colosseum

Via di Porta Castello, 33, 00193 Roma RM, Italy
| +39 06 6880 2684

Rome: The Best Museum City in the World

ROME, Italy -- You can't tell by the photograph above where this caption was taken but it was certainly inside the Colosseum. And I must confess I'm not crazy about the idea of organized trips, but when traveling with kids this option is brilliant. Everything on the tour is provided for you such as: tickets, headphones and best bet: excellent information right at your fingertips. And when traveling with kids these type of offerings are magical to have on hand. My kids and I were on a tour of Rome with lots of college kids -- and I mean lots of college kids. Our tour visit of the Colosseum turned out to a brilliant and informative one. Sometimes meeting locals from a particular country can be a memory keeper but meeting folks from your own country in a foreign land can be just as magical.