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The Chatwal, New York City

Art Deco splendour at the Chatwal Hotel
You get your own butler. That's what you need to know about the Chatwal. About five minutes after you've arrived in your room, a liveried staff member will arrive at your door, introduce themselves, and offer their services. In our case, Kate and I were going to the theatre that night, and our (female) butler offered immediately to have our dresses, crunched in our luggage, steamed and ironed for our smart night out.
There's also an extravagantly expensive spa downstairs, and a bar (that seems to attract a rather brashly wealthy clientele) that serves 1920s cocktails. There are remote controlled toilets that will rinse your bottom from every angle and which terrified the hell out of my poor sister. But the real reason to come here is the design: art deco, reimagined for the 21st century luxury market. It's extremely pricey. But then, true luxury is, no?

Get your own butler at the Chatwal Hotel
My sister and I stayed in the Chatwal for just one night, but it was enough to realise that we wanted servants full time. When we checked in, we'd mentioned that we were going to see a Broadway show (the Chatwal is seconds away from Times Square). The next thing we knew, a polite Danish woman in black and beige livery was knocking on door, introducing herself as our butler, and asking if she could press our dresses before we went out. She also made our dinner reservations, and showed us how to use the extremely complicated toilet (with its own remote control). An experience I will never forget.

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