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The Chapel of Jimmy Ray

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A Celebration of Joy at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray San Miguel de Allende  Mexico

A Celebration of Joy at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray

There are words that can never be completely translated. And there are places that can never be adequately described. Casa de las Ranas and the Chapel of Jimmy Ray, just outside San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is such a place. Not that people have not tried: “Where Technicolor went to get high;” “Like a piñata that just exploded;” “a fantasmagoria.”

The entire property is the home, workplace and canvas of outsider artist Anado McLauchlin and his husband Richard Schultz, an art historian and professor. Anado describes himself as “a 'floating artist listening for the Ultimate Groove of the Unfound.” And yes, he was in Haight Ashbury for the Summer of Love. It shows.

The house and grounds provide the backdrop for a volcanic eruption of creativity. From the block-long mosaicked wall they call “Kismet Street," to the garden overflowing with greens and flowers, to the paths under your feet, to the art, and the furniture, and the jewelry, and the walls of the house itself ... every surface that can be enhanced with Anado's amazing artistic ingenuity has been.

This place is pure celebration. It celebrates all living things, especially the numerous dogs, cats and donkeys that share the property. It celebrates art and creativity and whimsy. It celebrates all religions, with Buddhas and Shivas and Virgins of Guadalupe throughout. It celebrates the deep love between these two men, who call themselves The Brothers Groove. And most especially, it celebrates every color in the crayon box, and many more that Crayola hasn't discovered. In reality, la Casa de las Ranas and the Chapel of Jimmy Ray can be summed up simply as a celebration of Joy.

Be sure to put this indescribable adventure on your to-do list for any visit to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Tours of the house, grounds and the gallery are available by appointment only, and please be on time. A donation of 200 pesos per person is requested. You can reserve by email to anado@madebyanado
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